As a company of leading brands and great people, we realize that being innovative and successful in the global market requires collaboration externally as well as internally.
— Newell Brands
We had the huge privilege of working with Hope and her team on and event we were organizing for a large FMCG organization. I have organized many ‘team builds’ as part of events we have done with global leadership teams, but this was something very special! Team activities are often great fun, but have little lasting impact. This is not the case with Doors To Dream. The participants were truly moved and felt the importance of the work they were doing for the children from the moment Hope started to speak to them. Not only that but they realized that work with purpose can transcend many obstacles and they used that thought for the rest of the event and way past it. Working with Hope and her team was also a dream, she is super professional and very courageous. We were inspired, our client was inspired and we will work with Doors to Dream as many times as we can! You should too
— Chris Pote, MDC Event Group

Partnering with Doors to Dream and KLHGroup, Newell Brands was able to offer their employees an afternoon of memories to last a lifetime. Accepting the “clubhouse challenge”, a corporate social responsibility experience, Newell elevated their vision of building a strong foundation from the philosophical to the literal. The Newell Brand employees arrived to their “worksite” at Mingo Point, Kiawah Island, to find pallets of materials and smiling faces of 20+ deserving children eager to watch the creation of their very own clubhouse. The magic happens in the making of these houses into homes. In teams of 10-12, Newell’s incredible employees collaborated with the children to build a “mini-house” fashioned after classic Charleston single family architecture. The smiles and confidence on the children’s faces, the shouts of glee, and giggles of excitement enhance the musical score of live music, hammering, and drilling, while participants work together with growing inspiration to work hard without complaint or any personal gain. With heads held high, standing tall, these children look to a future that includes a new open door, one that cancer doesn’t close, offering them a customized space to imagine and play without abandon, providing lasting memories for their siblings and parents alike.


KLH’s non-profit arm is actively engaged throughout the Charleston area and beyond, opening doors and bridging gaps between each clients inner drive to give back with creative and unique ways to do so, building a culture of generosity one event at a time.

November 19, 2016
Enter 6 year old Trenton, aware that he was the star of the day, but unsure how or what was expected of him. Recently released from a long hospital stay, receiving another round of Chemotherapy for neuroblastoma, Trenton and his family were due for a change of pace, to be the recipients of generosity and a community serving without any expectation in return. KLH group worked to create an experience for Trenton, his mom, his sister and each of the “workers” that wouldleave lasting memories. Partnering with Kiawah Island Golf resort, KLH Group delivered a full and luxurious event, allowing for each participant to stand back and appreciate the gorgeous views of the marsh, take breaks for delicious food and beverage, and allow Trenton and his family access to unexpected indulgences and treats. The sun setting over the salt marsh was stunning, not easily outshone, but the smile on Trenton’s face upon completion of his new clubhouse, shined so bright there wasn’t one person who could miss it. Head held high, shoulders up, Trenton carried himself like the star this event was designed to highlight. Special thanks to Camp Happy Days and the incredible work they are doing to have provided us the connection to Trenton and his family. 

Hope & Team, You are absolutely amazing and we are so grateful for you!!! Your support, dreams of helping our families, and ambition are what make days like Saturday possible! I am so incredibly thankful for your love and support and partnership with us to make a difference! Trenton, Chloe and Chelsea will remember Saturday forever because of the heart that went into it! Thank you!!!
— Teresa Jones, Director of Camp Happy Days