Photo Credit: Abby Murphy

Photo Credit: Abby Murphy


KLH Group adds social impact to the luxury event market

Just when luxury corporate events seem to have exhausted every imaginable criteria: memorable, exciting, provocative and even outrageous, one event production company has added a new standard, impactful. The KLH Group, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, specializes in pairing social impact service projects with corporate objectives and is changing the industry of upscale event planning.

ALHI Unites Industry with Fourth Annual “Leaders Meeting Leaders” Program

"This year’s IFLE featured a CSR team-building and lunch event partnering with Doors to Dream, a local nonprofit in Charleston founded by Hope Caldwell (president of KLH Group) that works with historically underserved youth. Participants had the opportunity to build clubhouses with children in the program while engaging their imagination," Balding says.


accolade: local choice's social impact award 

For outstanding entrepreneurship dedicated to creating stronger, happier communities goes to KLH Group & Hope Caldwell, Founder

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Hope Caldwell is one of the most inspiring people we’ve met in a long time. To spend 30 minutes with her is to be deeply impacted. We found ourselves wanting to be better humans after just being in her presence. She’s had some hard challenges that she’s had to overcome, but she has gotten up from each one smiling bigger, working harder, and loving more. Hope is a connector, she’s humble, she makes an indelible impression on all those she meets, she is a visionary, and she’s got a heart the size of the East Coast. As founder of the KLH Group and Doors to Dream, and author of the newly published Daring to Dream, Hope’s days are full of making things happen. Her why behind all of it is strong – it’s her family which includes her husband Ken, and her precious son, Liam. Give a listen and see if you don’t just walk away inspired to be more and do more with this one life you’ve been given.

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No. 15 - On Venturing Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Hope Caldwell

How did 25 perfect strangers come together to serve 720 patients in the remote villages of Uganda? On this week's episode of Art of Doing, Hilary sits down with Hope Caldwell to talk about their recent medical mission trip to Masindi, Uganda with OneWorld Health. What did they learn on their trip? What lessons did they bring home? And how are they re-integrating those lessons learned back into their lives at home? Listen to the show at www.artofdoing.co or on iTunes by searching "Art of Doing". Enjoy the show! #KLHGroup #oneworldhealth #medicalmissiontrip #uganda


amazon best seller: Daring to Dream

In Daring to Dream, KLH Group founder Hope Caldwell takes readers on a journey through the world of socially conscious corporate meetings and events. More and more, corporations are embracing socially conscious events, along with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives outside of the events realm, such as making companies greener and more family-friendly. Yet despite the enormity of the CSR trend, the KLH Group is one of only a few companies specializing in events that meeting these socially-conscious requirements. The KLH Group is a pioneering presences in this historic CSR movement. The goal is to create WOW factor, high-end experiences at your next corporate event or outing. KLH events deliver value-driven, socially responsible experiences that will inspire a company's employees and leadership. Join us, and together let's make a difference.


podcast: the art of doing

“What’s inspiring about Hope’s story is that her journey into owning a business is fully grounded in what lights her up. She brought together her passion for producing high-end events, with a deeper purpose of giving back and creating change in the world.” - Hilary Johnson, founder of Hatch Tribe