Photo Credit: Lydia McCaulley

Photo Credit: Lydia McCaulley


If you would have asked me 10 years ago what I’d be doing today it would definitely not have included speaking to large groups. But the funny thing about life is it gives you A LOT of experiences, some worth sharing. Alas, here we are.

Since starting the KLH Group to integrate social impact into the event industry, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate - and take part in - some extra special experiences; from leading mission trips to Africa to helping companies accomplish corporate social responsibility initiatives in ways that make a real difference.

And now, speaking has given me a platform to share life stories; some funny, some touching, some difficult to hear, but each 100 percent applicable to today’s business climate. I enjoy teaching and coaching on the importance of getting back to your company’s “why” and humanizing business no matter what industry you’re in. Perhaps you’re a small group of CEO’s interested in inspiring team productivity to increase revenue, or a large association of Human Resource professionals who want to learn how to attract new talent, or an individual business looking to encourage employee buy-in to new operations or processes. No matter the situation, the topics I speak on resonate with any industry.

Hope Caldwell is the founder and principal of the KLH Group, a meeting and event production company specializing in integrating social responsibility in the luxury event market. By connecting clients with the social causes that matter most to them, the KLH Group produces high-end events that ensure overall meeting objectives and corporate social responsibility goals are met, and guests are given unparalleled experiences. In 2018, Hope was honored with the Social Impact Award by Local Choice.


presentation topics

My expertise allows me to speak to professionals in any industry because making a difference transcends professional labels. While these are my core topics of expertise, I’d love to speak with you about modifying these subjects for your specific event, conference or panel discussion. Contact me at

Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility Goals through Social Impact Events
For business owners, c-suite professionals & other change-making leaders

  • Why CSR matters in today’s world (maximizes employee satisfaction, increases community partnerships and stakeholder engagement & improves consumer perception)

  • How to develop CSR initiatives that align with company values (instead of defaulting to the easiest option available)

  • Ways to engage employees and stakeholders in meaningful social impact beyond one-and done events

Destigmatizing the CBD Industry Reputation Through Local Social Impact Initiatives
CBD companies and other medical cannabis industry professionals

  • Ways to maximize community partnerships and engage stakeholders in meaningful social impact through hands-on service activities and initiatives at a local community level

  • Crisis Communications: How to plan for and respond to potential negative publicity or unfavorable community perception

  • How to use storytelling to highlight medical cannabis’s caring culture

Importance of Integrating Social Responsibility into the Event Production Industry
For Event-planning professionals, coordinators & other engagement specialists

  • Why the event production industry needs to embrace sustainability

  • Ways to incorporate social impact and responsibility into your next industry conference, regional meeting or business summit

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