Catching Up after a very busy Fall

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.

KLHGroup created its own mosaic of successful and incredibly meaningful events throughout the Fall 2017 season. As always, the interwoven constant to each event is the incredible people with whom we get to collaborate. Hope and her team continue to make taking what could be an ordinary logistical plan from paper to a work of art look easy, here is a sampling of our fall at KLHGroup.


The Governor Thomas Bennett house provided the most exquisite backdrop for an intimate “Give Back” community event in early November. With Event Works luxurious table settings and on point setup, they set the Good Food Catering up for the delicious southern inspired meal to shine. The addition of this beautiful meal to the event allowed for the hard working team to break bread together and cheerfully celebrate what happens when you put aside your own needs for the day and invest in a project bigger than yourself.

Doors To Dream - Whiddon Family Export IV  (69 of 175) (1).jpg

The BusShed in Downtown Charleston provided the perfect space and ambiance for the highly anticipated and exciting annual Low Country Hoedown.  Annual events are the kind of fun that leave you fulfilled and yet eager to be back again for the next one. The Low Country Hoedown is definitely this type of event. This year 1500 eager attendees enjoyed 2 incredible bands, and food and drink from over 40 vendors. Each competing for the famous taxidermy squirrel! Can’t wait until next year!



Returning to a favorite event destination of KLHGroup, Mingo Point, Hope and her team, enjoyed the pleasure of planning and executing an intimate wedding for a couple whom were a delight to work. Focused on intimate details of showcasing their union and the family that they have become, KLHGroup was honored to be a part of the “Blessing of the Family” and the celebration that followed. 



This year has brought many fresh faces and creative work to KLHGroup. We enter the holiday season, hearts full and thankful to the incredible clients who elevate what we do from work to a joy, to our new team of dedicated employees committed to ensuring that each event is as successful as possible, and to our vendors who bring the special magic to make each event shine. Look forward to hearing from you in 2018 at our new office 78 Line Street, Charleston, SC.

A Dreamy Escape

Draping live oaks, majestic southern reds, and ancient pines envelop the entry way into Palmetto Bluff, delivering you into an untouched preserve of rich sea landscape and a magical journey from the busy world of demands and deadlines to a quiet respite of luxury and relaxation.

Fall in the LowCountry is one of my favorite times of year, with the coolers air settling in and the surroundings in full bloom. Using the land to guide the design, respecting and maximizing the topography and miles of marsh and river’s edge, Hope and her team paired each location with exquisite lighting, furniture, and food. Guests were swept from one movie-esque scene to another, experiencing luxury at its highest caliber. From the unique outdoor lounge, to the folk sounds of a local bluegrass band, to delicious food and drink, guests left begrudgingly, for why would you ever want to leave.

"Daring to Dream" A New Promise of Socially Conscious Events

What’s inspiring about Hope’s story is that her journey into owning a business is fully grounded in what lights her up. She brought together her passion for producing high-end events, with a deeper purpose of giving back and creating change in the world.
— Hilary Johnson, founder of Hatch Tribe
                                           Daring to Dream is available now on Amazon

                                           Daring to Dream is available now on Amazon

When Purpose and passion collide, magic happens. In her very first book, Daring to Dream with KLHGroup, Hope Caldwell masterfully describes what CSR (Corporate Social Responsible) events could be, why she is committed to their success, and how they stand to revolutionize the event planning industry and the very fabric of corporations and communities alike.

Hope writes- “Hands-on community service projects are an opportunity to give back to the community, not to mention inspire guests, bond them together, and give them something worth talking about when they return home.”

Getting her story printed and published has allowed for the magic that typically occurs exclusively in real time at events, to jump off the pages of this book. Her story, founded on the mission to build a culture of generosity, is one of growing momentum.

Invited to participate in podcasts and speaking engagements, Hope delights audiences with her wit, detailed stories and magnetic personality, as she shares her journey to develop the KLHGroup and Doors to Dream. 


As a company of leading brands and great people, we realize that being innovative and successful in the global market requires collaboration externally as well as internally.
— Newell Brands
We had the huge privilege of working with Hope and her team on and event we were organizing for a large FMCG organization. I have organized many ‘team builds’ as part of events we have done with global leadership teams, but this was something very special! Team activities are often great fun, but have little lasting impact. This is not the case with Doors To Dream. The participants were truly moved and felt the importance of the work they were doing for the children from the moment Hope started to speak to them. Not only that but they realized that work with purpose can transcend many obstacles and they used that thought for the rest of the event and way past it. Working with Hope and her team was also a dream, she is super professional and very courageous. We were inspired, our client was inspired and we will work with Doors to Dream as many times as we can! You should too
— Chris Pote, MDC Event Group

Partnering with Doors to Dream and KLHGroup, Newell Brands was able to offer their employees an afternoon of memories to last a lifetime. Accepting the “clubhouse challenge”, a corporate social responsibility experience, Newell elevated their vision of building a strong foundation from the philosophical to the literal. The Newell Brand employees arrived to their “worksite” at Mingo Point, Kiawah Island, to find pallets of materials and smiling faces of 20+ deserving children eager to watch the creation of their very own clubhouse. The magic happens in the making of these houses into homes. In teams of 10-12, Newell’s incredible employees collaborated with the children to build a “mini-house” fashioned after classic Charleston single family architecture. The smiles and confidence on the children’s faces, the shouts of glee, and giggles of excitement enhance the musical score of live music, hammering, and drilling, while participants work together with growing inspiration to work hard without complaint or any personal gain. With heads held high, standing tall, these children look to a future that includes a new open door, one that cancer doesn’t close, offering them a customized space to imagine and play without abandon, providing lasting memories for their siblings and parents alike.


“KLH Group raises the stakes, taking events to the next level, enhancing events with unique ideas and opportunities to raise awareness, funds, and experiential memories.”

KLH Group rocked out with Grammy award winning band, NEEDTOBREATHE, to standing ovations. Partnering with One World Health, a global non-profit organization empowering impoverished communities to have sustainable healthcare, KLH struck exactly the right chord for spreading awareness and raising funds for One World Health. Sophisticated design and thinking allowed each detail to create the perfect harmony for a highly successful night with lasting memories.

Charleston Wedding

Showcasing the historic charm of Charleston, with its blooming azaleas and cobblestone streets, KLH had the honor of producing an intimate wedding for 25. When Hope first met Leah & Jonny she knew they were of similar personalities – a perfect fit for a couple & wedding planner. Their style and laid back approach to all the details allowed for KLH to step in and customize the personal details of this intimate affair.

A southern ceremony at White Point Garden followed by a stroll down the Charleston Battery, finally arriving to a reception at an antebeullum home, allowed for guests to experience a quintessential evening in Historic Charleston creating memories that will last a lifetime.


A night to celebrate the legacy of medicine and heroism, Hacksaw Ridge Movie premiere at Cinnebarre was a night to remember. KLHGroup was thrilled to work with local Charleston Orthopedic Surgeon and founder of Walk Nicaragua, Dr. Del Schutte, to raise awareness, funds, and celebrate a cinematic masterpiece based on the courageous WWII Army Medic Desmond T. Doss. Uncle Desmond's inspirational commitment to serve during the Battle of Okinawa, refusing to kill, earned him the first Medal of Honor without firing a shot in American History. Dr. Schutte continues the legacy of his uncle, through his work with the surgical mission organization, Walk Nicaragua, established in 2015, to create a sustainable joint replacement program in Nicaragua. With 60 successful joint replacement surgeries under their belt, Walk Nicaragua is off to a strong start and the legacy continues. 

Thank you so much for all you did to create and pull off a most special evening! Several times a day I hear from someone whose life has been changed by the evening. We are looking forward to an even bigger future!
— Dr. Del Schutte, Charleston Institute for Advanced Orthopedics


From the beginning, it was clear that working with PURE insurance company, would result in an exceptional event. Collaborating with such an authentic company emphasizing working hard for their clients through alignment of interests and transparency, I felt right at home and we easily created a sophisticated evening to remember.
— Hope Caldwell, Principal KLHGroup

Showcasing the historic charm of the Cigar Factory, constructed in 1881 as a cotton manufacturing facility and recently re-opened for mixed high-end uses, KLHGroup matched the beauty and intrigue of the physical setting of the Cedar Room with a sophisticated lineup of food, entertainment, and atmosphere. Seamless execution and exquisite planning allowed for author Michelle Moore and local photographer Jack Alterman to lend personalized experiences to the evening's events, intermixed with indulgent dining and drinks. PURE Insurance customers were left wanting to know when the next event would be! 


I am so grateful for this Wonder Woman. She planned our wedding craziness for 65 people in ITALY like a rockstar. Always displaying so much grace and kindness. She was there for me every single step of the way, always making me feel loved, seen and heard, which any bride knows is invaluable. As an event producer myself, it felt great to know she could handle anything and everything we threw at her. She is an amazing mom to the world’s cutest little boy, a loving wife, a design genius, a selfless volunteer, a spiritual being, a logistical powerhouse, a part-time therapist to crazy clients like me, a beautiful woman with a great sense of style and humor, a brilliant business woman, an amazing friend, and my #wcw. Hopey -you are honestly the best. I am so grateful to know you. Thank you for everything.
— Krista Belle Mickelson Bancroft

June 2016

Crossing international waters is not new territory for KLHGroup founder, Hope Caldwell. Taking on the adventure with grace and exquisite execution, KLH's sophisticated team blended American traditions with Italian style and cultures to create an epic experience for all involved. The customization and personal attention to the settings chosen and designed, to the duties performed throughout the events in live time convey KLH's commitment and heart to elevating a client's vision in their mind to real memories that last a lifetime.  


KLH’s non-profit arm is actively engaged throughout the Charleston area and beyond, opening doors and bridging gaps between each clients inner drive to give back with creative and unique ways to do so, building a culture of generosity one event at a time.

November 19, 2016
Enter 6 year old Trenton, aware that he was the star of the day, but unsure how or what was expected of him. Recently released from a long hospital stay, receiving another round of Chemotherapy for neuroblastoma, Trenton and his family were due for a change of pace, to be the recipients of generosity and a community serving without any expectation in return. KLH group worked to create an experience for Trenton, his mom, his sister and each of the “workers” that wouldleave lasting memories. Partnering with Kiawah Island Golf resort, KLH Group delivered a full and luxurious event, allowing for each participant to stand back and appreciate the gorgeous views of the marsh, take breaks for delicious food and beverage, and allow Trenton and his family access to unexpected indulgences and treats. The sun setting over the salt marsh was stunning, not easily outshone, but the smile on Trenton’s face upon completion of his new clubhouse, shined so bright there wasn’t one person who could miss it. Head held high, shoulders up, Trenton carried himself like the star this event was designed to highlight. Special thanks to Camp Happy Days and the incredible work they are doing to have provided us the connection to Trenton and his family. 

Hope & Team, You are absolutely amazing and we are so grateful for you!!! Your support, dreams of helping our families, and ambition are what make days like Saturday possible! I am so incredibly thankful for your love and support and partnership with us to make a difference! Trenton, Chloe and Chelsea will remember Saturday forever because of the heart that went into it! Thank you!!!
— Teresa Jones, Director of Camp Happy Days