Our mission is to create meetings & events that specialize in detail & design.  We do this by learning our customers' ideals, upon which we base our operational approach.  We believe this level of customization and flexibility delivers highly effective, value driven meetings and events every single time.  

We have a passion to connect our corporate clientele with the local community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  The meaning behind CSR involved initiatives that promote positive social and environmental change, for example, recycling unused materials, or providing bicycles to underprivileged children.  As active members of the community, we partner with experts and resources best equipped to support local and regional cultures, traditions and business practices in the course of delivering best-in-class CSR initiatives.   

We partner with nonprofit organizations to assist in achieving their fundraising goals by maximizing the return on investment for each event.                            

Each touch point; be it with customers, vendors or one of the many community outreach organizations we work with, reflects our commitment to doing business ethically and responsibly.  As active members of the Charleston community, we  excel in creating events with meaning and substance that start with a vision and end by making a difference.


*start with a vision,
end as a difference maker*   

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