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HIT PLAY Above and hear about Social Impact Events!

We know a percentage of companies revenue is dedicated to social impact causes but generally, companies donate to generic causes easily sourced versus those aligned with their culture and core values.  KLH Group specializes in connecting our clients with social causes that matter most to them and their employees maximizing employee satisfaction, community involvement and consumer perception. 

  • Today’s talent takes a hard look at the companies they’re considering working for. Likewise, public perception of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts accounts for 42% of how people feel about the company.

  • Your future employees want to know you’re giving back and creating a positive impact in your community.

  • A company’s social impact is the leading factor driving both talent and clientele to a company!

KLH Group wants to offer a unique way to continue to fulfill these CSR goals at your next meeting by offering a one stop shop for “Day of Service” Events.

We take time to learn what social causes matter most to your company so you know your money and time is well spent during your day of service.

When you next consider your arrangements for social impact, do so in tandem with this opportunity to create a memorable day of service for your team, all while making a real difference for someone less fortunate than ourselves.

By bringing socially responsible events and corporations together, we achieve purposeful, meaningful experiences.  As active members of the community, we partner with experts and resources best equipped to support local and regional cultures, traditions and business practices in the course of delivering best - in - class CSR initiatives. 

Each touch point; be it with customers, vendors or one of the many community outreach organizations we work with, reflects our commitment to doing business ethically and responsibly.  As active members of the Charleston community, we  excel in creating events with meaning and substance that start with a vision and end by making a difference.

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