"Daring to Dream" A New Promise of Socially Conscious Events

What’s inspiring about Hope’s story is that her journey into owning a business is fully grounded in what lights her up. She brought together her passion for producing high-end events, with a deeper purpose of giving back and creating change in the world.
— Hilary Johnson, founder of Hatch Tribe
                                           Daring to Dream is available now on Amazon

                                           Daring to Dream is available now on Amazon

When Purpose and passion collide, magic happens. In her very first book, Daring to Dream with KLHGroup, Hope Caldwell masterfully describes what CSR (Corporate Social Responsible) events could be, why she is committed to their success, and how they stand to revolutionize the event planning industry and the very fabric of corporations and communities alike.

Hope writes- “Hands-on community service projects are an opportunity to give back to the community, not to mention inspire guests, bond them together, and give them something worth talking about when they return home.”

Getting her story printed and published has allowed for the magic that typically occurs exclusively in real time at events, to jump off the pages of this book. Her story, founded on the mission to build a culture of generosity, is one of growing momentum.

Invited to participate in podcasts and speaking engagements, Hope delights audiences with her wit, detailed stories and magnetic personality, as she shares her journey to develop the KLHGroup and Doors to Dream.