That time we took our hearts to Italy: KLH designs a dreamy Tuscan wedding

 It is hard to beat Charleston. It’s why so many folks visit here, move here, and never want to leave here. It’s why she’s no stranger to the “#1 city in the world” moniker, and a downright veteran as the “#1 city in the U.S.”

 Still, it sure is fun to celebrate in other lovely corners of the world - especially when that corner looks like this:

(Photo Credit: Kate Holstein)  

Italy .png

Over the course of seven days, our team had the enviable pleasure of making merry in Italy with an adventuresome couple and their 70 guests. KLH Group coordinated four unforgettable events across a precious pocket of Tuscany, culminating in a breathtaking – and tear-jerking – wedding ceremony.

(Photo Credit: Leo Payne )  

Italy 4.png

Our destination locale was Pienza, a small town named for the birthplace of Pope Pius II. Pienza is teeming with 15th century Renaissance architecture, and is considered to be the first application of the era’s “humanist” concept of urban design. Surrounding this early adaptation of a harmonious town are the artist-inspiring hills of the Val d’Orcia. And with street names that translate to “Love Street” and “Kiss Street,” where better to exchange vows of lifelong amore?

Breaking bread in an intimate Tuscan villa was our way of making certain that – though some may have arrived as strangers to one another – the rest of the week would put everyone among friends. By the time we visited the famed Ciacci Piccolomini winery, there was little distinction between “sides” of the guest list. In the days that followed, our band of happy revelers was welcomed by gracious locals, fed by brilliant chefs, and warmed by the Tuscan sun.

Italy 5.png

But the highlight of the holiday, of course, was the wedding. La Bandita properties hosted both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding ceremony – the former at its village-nestled townhouse and the latter at its hilltop-perched country house. Both properties blend rustic with retro in the most charming way. Moment after delightful, stunning, delicious moment, we found ourselves wishing we could stay forever.

(Photo Credit: Leo Payne )  

Italy 2.png


Except… Charleston.

 In the end, it felt great to be home. And we needn’t have worried about taking a little amore overseas. The Holy City’s sister city, Spoleto, Italy, is a Tuscan neighbor of Pienza. Among family, and in the name of love, Charleston is happy to share. She knows we’ll always come home.