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There is strength in numbers. We're not the first to say it, and we'd never deny it. Whether it's hands on deck or dollars in the budget, we are thankful for our partners!

But at KLH Group, it is the amplified power of the most beautiful synergy we can imagine: A shared acknowledgement of need that creates an uprising of ideas into action.

The time, talent, fortitude, and funds shared so generously by our community partners has enabled KLH Group and its clients to improve the lives of over 230,000 children in Charleston and beyond. Together, we are just getting started.

As we forge ahead, we welcome new community partners to galvanize toward compassionate causes. The work we do in each collaboration changes the lives not only of our young beneficiaries, but of those corporate leaders and employees who engage in our perfectly planned (and undeniably fun) social impact events.

 We extend an enthusiastic invitation to organizations sharing our core convictions:

 ·         People Matter

·         Truth Wins

·         Transparency Frees

·         Quality Speaks

·         Authenticity Attracts

·         Generosity Returns

·         Courage Sustains

 If you believe the values of your company overlap with ours, we can't wait to hear from you. There is strength in numbers... and there is no time like the present.

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Point of Contact

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